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Our Mission is to provide experienced and professional nannies for the parents who want to raise their children bilingual to give them a head start in life.

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"We are very grateful that Babushka Childcare found an amazing nanny for our 20 months old son. Our boy is happy and well taken care of, which made it much easier for me to go back to work full time and for both my husband and I to adjust to the new life routine."

Family from St.Albans


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Enhanced Disclosures from the UK Criminal Records Bureau

There are two different types of CRB checks: Standard Disclosure & Enhanced Disclosure. CRB checks can only be requested by the employer or the organisation an applicant works for.

Individuals requiring criminal checks on themselves can undertake only a basic criminal check.

Enhanced Disclosure is the most relevant type of Disclosure if your nanny needs to undertake a criminal records check.

Nannies can apply for the CRB/Enhanced Disclosure only from the Nanny Agency.


Babushka Childcare requires all the successful candidates to undergo a CRB/Enhanced Disclosure if the candidate lived for more than 6 months in the UK. If the candidate has been in the UK less than 6 months, we request a Police Check from the applicant's home country. Before we arrange an interview with your potential nanny we will always inform you on her/his CRB status: for example, whether the candidate has a valid CRB check, need updating or apply for the first time. The CRB check might take up to 16 weeks. If the candidate begins the employment prior to the result of the disclosure, their employment will depends on the clear disclosure result.

An Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau is not the same as a Police Check.

An Enhanced Disclosure is the highest level of check and cover the following:

  • Whether the applicant appears on the Protection of Children Act List
  • Whether the applicant is on the “List of 99” and has been banned from working with children
  • Whether the applicant has been convicted of any offences including a spend conviction or was disqualified from working with children
  • Any other relevant information which the police could include, for example, the information on the member of the family of the candidate who has been under the child protection investigation.

For more information please visit the official web-site of the home office: