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Our Mission is to provide experienced and professional nannies for the parents who want to raise their children bilingual to give them a head start in life.

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"We are very grateful that Babushka Childcare found an amazing nanny for our 20 months old son. Our boy is happy and well taken care of, which made it much easier for me to go back to work full time and for both my husband and I to adjust to the new life routine."

Family from St.Albans


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Have a look at our fantastic selection of Bilingual available nannies!








Mandarin Speaking Nannies

Part-time qualified Mandarin Nanny available, CRB checked and First- First-Aid Certified. Please call us for more details.


Russian Speaking Nannies

We committed to find you the best possible Russian-speaking candidates.

Updated on 12 March

We have more available nannies or housekeepers.  Please contact us for more information!



Dedicated live-out Nanny, 5 years experience in one family, newborn and toddler, fluent in Russian and English. Excellent recommendation. Great personality.




Very experienced live-in Nanny-housekeeper/cook with driving licence is available. Fluent in Russian and basic English. Just returned from her previous placement through our agency. "Amazing organisational and housekeeping skills",- feedback from our client.



Amazing Live-out Nanny is available, experienced with newborns, knowledgeable, energetic, great recommendations and personality! Can travel with parents, proxy parenting.


Very experienced, committed full-time live-out Nanny is available. Music Teacher, experienced with children from newborns to school aged children. First-aid, Fluent in Russian and English.


Live-in hard-working and flexible Nanny-Housekeeper available. Experienced, committed, great recommendation. Fluent in Russian and conversational English. Sorry, was successfully placed with one of our client



Amazing full-time live-in/live-out Nanny is available! Qualified, very experienced, 4 years in the UK, well-educated, committed, great recommendations, very nice personality. Fluent in Russian and basic English


WELL- KNOWN BY OUR AGENCY LIVE-IN NANNY WITH DRIVING LICENCE! AVAILABLE FROM DECEMBER! Excellent experience, multitasking, intelligent, well-presented, Excellent references. Good English and fluent Russian.

Please contact us for more details.


FANTASTIC LIVE-OUT NANNY WITH THE FABULOUS RECOMMENDATIONS. WELL-KNOWN BY OUR AGENCY. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY! VIP experience, CRB check, First-Aid Certified, multitasking, knowledgeable in child development, very creative and dedicated professional.

Would you like to know more details about this candidate? Please contact us today.


EXPERIENCED LIVE- OUT NANNY AVAILABLE in London who worked with children aged between one month to 3,5. Caring and loving, always organised and professional. Her Russian language is excellent and will benefit the family who is looking for a nanny who will develop and support Russian language in children through reading and playing. Larisa's strength is ability to manage well childcare and household duties. Larisa is looking for a full-time live-out position in London. She has a fabulous recommendations.

Would you like to know more details about this candidate? Please contact us today.

WELL-KNOWN BY OUR AGENCY LIVE-OUT NANNY WITH DRIVING LICENCE!  AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Inga has 5 years of Nanny experience in London with children between newborns to school aged. PA experience. Travel with the family. Fluent English and Russian. CRB check, First-Aid Certified, Excellent recommendations.

She is happy to travel with the family.

If you are interested in this candidate, please contact us. Sorry, was successfully placed with one of our client

EXCELLENT LIVE-OUT NANNY WITH DRIVING LICENCE! Irena is a warm hearted, caring and a very gentle mature  nanny. She has 8 years working experience as a nanny in the UK. Irena is confident driver and speak fluent English and Russian. She is looking for a full-time/part-time permanent position in SW area.

If you are interested in this candidate, please contact us.


German Speaking Nannies

Experienced Full-time German-speaking nanny is available. Rebecca is an intelligent, warm-hearted, organised and well presented individual. She is good establishing routing for young children and she is keen to prepare healthy meals for them.

Would you like to know more about this candidate, please contact us.


Spanish Speaking Nannies

Dulce is a Spanish-speaking caring nanny who holds a degree in Nurse. She has been working 5 years upbringing and educating children with 2 London families. Her strength is her professional nursery knowledge that provides her the capacity to deal with all kind of situations. Dulce is the perfect support for mothers with newborns. She is reliable and dedicated professional. Her dedication and hard working attitude has impressed us.

Would you like to know more about this candidate, please contact us.

Yolanda is a high experienced nanny with more than 20 years. She is a well versed in children development, both due to her long experience and natural affinity toward children.

She is skilled in supervising and caring for children preparing tasty nutritional meals, and organising educational and social activities. She is always smiling and ready to keep the children busy with educational and constructive games.

if you are interested in this candidate, please contact us.

Jessica is a fantastic Spanish speaking nanny available for a full time position. She loves the outdoors and would like to take the children to the parks, sports, playgrounds, libraries and cinema.

She is keen to prepare healthy meals, help with the routines and their homework. Her initiative and dynamics would the children love her company. Families appreciates her easy going personality, her flexibility and positive attitude.

Would you like to know more about this candidate, please contact us.

Maria is a great Spanish-speaking nanny who holds degree in Psychology. Her caring and well organised personality could match with the families requires. She likes to engage the children in educational and fun activities in order to develop their interests. She is available for a full-time position.

If you would like to know more details about this candidate, please contact us.


Italian Speaking Nannies

Stefania is a bright nurse who has been working as a nanny for 2 years. She is genuine full of energy person that would influence positively in your children development. Her significant nurse experience, would make the families be comfortable and secure. Her strengths are her organization and creativeness. She loves to teach the children something new everyday.

Now she is looking for a full time position.

If you are interested in meeting this candidate, please contact us and we will provide you more information.


Portuguese Speaking Nannies

Elisiani is an enthusiastic nanny-housekeeper. She has been helping the families to perform excellent housekeeping duties with a great attitude and warm disposition. Her ability for the attention to detail help her to keep the house at a high standard. She is also a caring and warm hearted nanny who would be delighted to combine her housekeeping experience with her passion for children.

She speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Is this the candidate are you looking for? Please contact us for more details.


We have more available nannies that we are interviewing on a daily basis. Please, contact us if you would like to know more about our available nannies email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it